We love our job!
That is because we bring Mesopotamia’s heritage
and the traces of civilization to your houses.
We feel special!
That is because we do not leave tradition on the dusty pages of history, but instead, we bring
it together with cutting-edge technology.
Our strength stems from history!
That is because we create legends with our rugs,
woven knot by knot.
We perform arts!
That is because treasure every
meticulous endeavor and everything created with love.
We guarantee!
That is because we produce in compliance
with international standards.
We claim that we have the chemistry!
That is because we abstain from hazardous
substances as we transform science into arts.
We reflect our emotions in our arts.
That is because we act with the principle of
‘Respect for humans, the environment and the nature’.
We are proud!
That is because we have the technology
and machinery necessary for
world class production.
We say ‘Anadolu Kilim’!
And that is because we tell thousands of tales under a single trademark. Just like the old civilizations, we ensure with our knots that love and passion, separation and re-union, the essence of the nature and the spirit of beliefs live in our rugs.